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The Ultimate 2.4PB PetaByte+ Storage Server Ultra-dense only 1-meter depth

Experience unrivaled storage capacity and reliability with the GS41102, an industry-leading 4U storage server chassis with a remarkable 1-meter depth. This powerhouse supports an astounding 102-bay 3.5" HDD configuration and features a dual socket INTEL® XEON® Scalable motherboard. With its exceptional redundant thermal performance, the GS41102 is the perfect solution for data centers that prioritize system reliability and time efficiency.

Zstor GS41102 Petabyte 102bay storage server


Compact Design, Unmatched Capacity

The GS41102 sets the standard for compact yet high-capacity storage solutions. With its industry-best density for 3.5" 12Gb/s HDDs, this server chassis delivers exceptional storage capacity of 2.4PB with 102x 24TB Western Digital ULTRASTAR® DC HC 580 HDDs in public, private, or hybrid cloud environments. Its tool-less and hot-swappable designs eliminate single points of failure, ensuring uninterrupted operations. Equipped with a CRPS 2000W 80 Plus Platinum PSU, the GS41102 offers superior thermal performance while saving valuable space in your server room. It's designed to be easily managed by IT professionals.

Designed for the Era of Massive Intelligence and Collaboration

In today's data-driven world, data centers are faced with immense volumes of information. To meet the demands of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, machine learning, edge computing, and the Internet of Things, efficient and high-density storage is essential. The GS41102 offers versatility and scalability in storage capacities, providing the ideal solution for all new applications.

Reliable and Efficient for Long-Term Preservation

The GS41102 is engineered to handle massive video streaming loads and mobility view patterns, ensuring powerful and stable back-end storage capacity. With multiple redundancies, it guarantees ultimate data protection and optimizes storage management for seamless workflow stabilization. Whether you require extensive video streaming or data analysis, the GS41102's complete petabyte storage capacity and remote management capabilities via IPMI controller give you peace of mind and control at all times.

• 4U 102-Bay Top-Loaded Ultra High-Density Storage Server:

• Up to 2.4 PB raw capacity with Western Digital ULTRASTAR® DC HC580 24TB hard drives

• Compact 4U rackmount format with an impressive 1-meter depth, maximizing space utilization.

• Harness the power of dual Intel® Xeon® Scalable CPUs supported by the latest Intel® 620 chipset for exceptional performance.

• Enjoy extensive networking options with 2 PCI-e Gen3 x16 expansion slots and 1 PCI-e Gen3 x16 OCP V2.0 mezzanine slot.

• Experience seamless multitasking with up to 1024GB DDR4 ECC RAM across 16 DIMM slots.

• Enhance system responsiveness with 2 internal 2x2.5" OS SATA SSDs, delivering faster data access.

• Benefit from versatile storage possibilities with 102x 3.5"/2.5" disk slots compatible with SAS-3/SATAIII HDDs and SSDs.

• Ensure uninterrupted power supply with dual and redundant hot-swappable 2000W power supplies featuring 80PLUS Platinum energy efficiency.

• Simplify maintenance and service operations with a design that emphasizes ease of use and accessibility.

• Enjoy convenient remote management capabilities through IPMI 2.0, including KVM and media redirection.

• Customize your server to meet your specific application requirements, thanks to our tailor-made server solutions.

Zstor 2.4PB PetaByte+ Storage Server

Zstor Logo Zstor GS41102 Petabyte 102bay storage server Zstor GS41102 Petabyte 102bay storage server
Product GS41102
Processor Dual INTEL® Xeon® Scalable Processors
Memory 16x DIMM slots for up to 1024GB RAM
Chipset Intel® C620 Chipset, Integrated Video Controller VGA, Integrated IPMI2.0 with dedicated KVM LAN 
Controller Internal optional PCI-E SAS HBA or RAID Controller

1x VGA, 2x USB 2.0/3.0 ports, 1x IPMI RJ-45 Ethernet Remote Management, 1x RJ-45 serial

Network 1x OCPV2.0 mezzazine dual-port 1/10/25GbE RJ45 oder SFP+,
1x onboard IPMI RJ-45 incl. Remote Management Module mit KVM
2x PCI-E x16 for external dual-port 1/10/25/50/100 GbE network adapter
PCI-E Slots 2x Half Height Full Length PCI-E Gen3 x16 external
1x OCP V2.0 mezzazine PCI-E x16 network slot external
Drive Bay 102x 3.5/2.5“ HDD/SDD Hot-Swap SAS-3/SATAIII Top-loading, 2.4TB raw capacity with 102x24TB SATAIII or SAS-3 HDDs
internal 2x 2.5" OS SSD SATAIII drives Top-loading
Operating Systems Microsoft Windows Server 2012/2016, Linux CentOS, SUSE Enterprise, FreeBSD, Fedora Core, Ubuntu, RedHAT Enterprise,
NexentaStor, Solaris, OmniOS

Power Supply 1+1 Redundant, 2000W 80Plus Titanium
Cooling Fan 3x 40x56mm dual rotor fans (MB canister)
8x 60x56mm Hot-swap fans
Dimension/Weight 4U, 19", (W x D x H) 434 x 1050 x 176mm, 71 kg Netto, (incl. PSU, Railkit, Palette without disks)

Compliance Standard CE, FCC Class, RoHS
Warranty 3 Years Warranty

Please contact the Zstor Sales Team for more information per E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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