Zstor ZFS Full Flash HA Cluster

Zstor ZFS HA Cluster All Flash

The Zstor HA cluster is a high-availability solution that combines shared storage, clustering and synchronous data mirroring and allows such continuous data availability and avoiding data loss at a reasonable price. As a stand-alone solution, they consist of cluster heads and disk JBODs and can afford so transparent recovery during outages so that mission-critical applications without interruption can be used further.

The usage of a full-flash disk design delivers high performance while maintaining low latencies, making it ideal for performance-needing applications.

The Napp-it Web Appliance is a ready-to-use and convenient ZFS storage server with all functions for an advanced NAS or SAN. The ZFS file system with all ZFS functions (e.g. no Bitrot, no Write holes, and RAID) serves as a basis. Active Directory support with snaps as previous version via SMB/CIFS is supported as well as iSCSI/FC, NFS, and rsync. The storage to be managed is unlimited. High Availability support can be setup using the RSF-1 plugin to create an active-active HA cluster.

The Web GUI, which is fast due to its background services, offers convenience and can be extended at the same time, e.g. with convenient ACL management, disk and real-time monitoring or remote replication. A graphical disk map function is available as well as extensive parameters for security and tuning. Support / Updates to latest versions or bug fixes are available at any time.

The underlying operating system is OmniOS CE or alternatively OpenIndiana. This can also run in a virtual machine (e.g. in VMware ESXi). Extensions from the community such as AFP, AMP, Baikal, Proftp, Mediatomb, Owncloud, PHPVirtualbox, Pydio or Serviio complete the package.

Our ZFS solutions with Napp-it include other designs as well, ranging from 8-disk MiniCubes up to Petabyte+ systems.
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