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  • Nexenta 4.0 certified

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Customer Benefits 

  • Faster Cluster Failover Times
  • Improved Handling of Faulty Devices
  • Performance and Support for Large Memory Configurations
  • Cost Efficient Open Storage Solutions
  • Inline Data Reduction with LZ4 Compression Support
  • Support for Microsoft SMB 2.1
  • Improved support for Windows Server Cluster Shared Volumes
  • Fully Redesigned Auto-Sync Replication Facility
  • Guided Storage Pool Configuration
  • Migration to the Illumos Kernel
  • NexentaStor vCenter Web Client Plugin
  • HA cluster for the hosting and cloud datacenters


Zstor as Nexenta Premium Partner certifies field proven solution for NexentaStor 4

Our field proven Zstor ZFS Open Storage solution is now certified for the latest NexentaStor version. Our solution is available as a single unified storage solution (Q-3560) and as a high availability solution (QHA-3560).

NexentaStor provides an ideal solution for NFS and SMB fileshares in applications, desktops and archives. With inline data reduction, unlimited snapshots and clones, end-to-end data integrity and up to triple parity RAID, NexentaStor reference architectures scale up to multi-petabyte raw capacity.

The solution is well suited for high performance applications requiring NFS, iSCSI, or FC storage protocols. High performance SSD enhanced configurations are solving performance bottlenecks. 

What are the top enhancements included in NexentaStor release 4.0.3?

NexentaStor release 4 is designed to meet ever more stringent enterprise customer requirements. As such, it includes a significant number of enhancements to deliver higher performance, higher reliability, higher scalability, and better functionality in the areas of Windows ecosystem support and disaster recovery configurations. Following are key highlights:

Faster Cluster Failover Times

While High Availability cluster configuration is not a new feature, NexentaStor 4 reduces HA failover times by over 50% compared to release 3.1! In many cases to less than 60 seconds depending upon the specific environment and configuration. The failover time improvements apply to both block and file services and are particularly noticeable in larger capacity configurations. With this enhancement, NexentaStor delivers higher levels of availability and close to seamless handling of controller failures.

Improved Handling of Faulty Devices

NexentaStor 4 contains a redesigned Fault Management Architecture that allows application I/O to continue in the face of non performing hardware such as Hard Disk Drives that exhibit irregular slow responses to I/O while they are in the process of failing. Over 20 changes have been made to the code around this issue alone. Nexenta receives firmware specifications from hard disk drive and solid state device vendors allowing diagnostics of the root causes when these resources are not performing well. When a device in a protected group exhibits a pattern of abnormal slow I/O responses, it is pro-actively taken out of service. This allows application I/O to proceed without being affected by the non-functioning device.

Improved Performance and Support for Large Memory Configurations

NexentaStor and its ZFS file system are designed to optimize utilization of controller memory for read caching. Aggressive data caching in memory avoids having to fetch data from slower SSD and spinning HDDs, resulting in higher read performance and lower system latency. NexentaStor release 4.0.1 has been enhanced to support up to 512GB of DRAM per head in a cluster. This significantly larger caching space has been shown to improve performance by up to 4x compared to previous versions of NexentaStor. 512GB also compares very favorably to the highest configurations of legacy hardware vendors like EMC and NetApp, which typically offer a maximum of 256GB of cache in their high-end unified storage offerings.

Improved Inline Data Reduction with LZ4 Compression Support

Most NexentaStor configurations leverage inline data compression for higher effective usable capacity and better performance. NexentaStor 4.0.1 introduces a new compression algorithm for inline data compression, LZ4 that delivers higher compression rates and lower CPU utilization than the LZJB algorithm of previous releases.

Support for Microsoft SMB 2.1

NexentaStor 4 now includes standard support for the Server Message Block 2.1 protocol that is the de-facto standard for file services in Microsoft Windows environments. NexentaStor 4 includes all mandatory functionality as specified in the MS-SMB2 specification and delivers higher performance, higher reliability and simpler management of NexentaStor in Microsoft Windows environments.

Improved support for Windows Server Cluster Shared Volumes

NexentaStor 4 includes a number of fixes and enhancements and adds support for Windows Cluster Shared Volumes over iSCSI and FC for Windows Failover Cluster and Hyper-V configurations.

Fully Redesigned Auto-Sync Replication Facility

All NexentaStor licenses include support for Auto- sync, periodic asynchronous replication. In release 4, auto-sync is supported between HA clusters, as well as between mixed HA and non HA setups. Configurations steps have been dramatically simplified, and replication services significantly hardened. For example, replication jobs now automatically recover from interruptions from disruptive events (failover, network connectivity interruptions, etc.). Network utilization is improved thanks to inline compression of data transferred over the network and multi-connection configurations. Manageability has also been significantly improved with progress and performance reporting and the ability to reverse replication flows.

Guided Storage Pool Configuration

In the interest of streamlining creation, configuration, and management of storage pools, the NexentaStor 4 Graphical User Interface includes a new wizard that automatically applies best practices when configuring storage pools. Part of the configuration process requires the administrator to choose whether a pool should be optimized for performance (leading to mirrored configuration), balanced (leading to RAIDZ2 configurations) or capacity (leading to RAIDZ3 configurations). This can save significant time when deploying large systems.

Migration to the Illumos Kernel

NexentaStor 4 is based on a new Illumos kernel. This transition aligns NexentaStor with the active Illumos community, simplifies contributions back to the community and streamlines leverage of community driven enhancements.

NexentaStor vCenter Web Client Plugin

A new plugin that enables you to provision and manage NexentaStor iSCSI LUNs and NFS folders in VMware vCenter Web Client 5.1 or later. The plugin seamlessly integrates into VMware Web Client User interface providing the capability to monitor, snapshot, and clone NexentaStor datasets.

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What does Premium Partner status mean for the enterprise storage customer?

Nexenta looks for a high level of consultation in Premium Partners, along with support throughout the entire solution cycle, to deliver unlimited storage scalability, end-to-end storage data integrity, and five-nines reliability. With Zstor's proven storage experience and long-term partnership with Nexenta, customers can be assured that their concerns for a tailored, unified storage design will be exceeded.

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