Supermicro CSE-946ED 4U 90 bay JBOD 12Gb/s

The Supermicro JBOD expansion systems can be equipped with up to 90 SAS or SATA hard drives and set a new standard on just 4U. Nearly one PetaBytes can be realized while using hard disk drives from the newest available standard. Equipped with four powerful Mini-SAS HD interfaces the system is connected to one or more hosts. It is also possible to operate within a high available cluster structure. The overall performance of the system is significantly facilitated by the internal SAS-3 system architecture. Through the speed of hard drives with up to 12 GB/s, via the external SAS system interface the data rate can be more than 20 GBytes to the connected hosts.

The areas of application of highly capacitive JBOD storage systems can be found in data centers for enterprise companies, providers and science, but also in environments that use the power of Windows Server 2012. Especifically here storage capacities can build up with JBOD systems over scale-out file server in a no- single-point-of-Failure (NSPoF), which offer a huge capacity to productive servers.

 Main Features:

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  • 90bay 4U rack mount system as JBOD extension unit
  • Dual redundant, hot-swap SAS 3 expander (I/O-Module)
  • 4x external Mini-SAS-HD interfaces (Host)
  • 2x external Mini-SAS-HD interfaces (Cascading)
  • Internal SAS-3 12 Gb/s HDD interface (compatible to SATA-III)
  • 90x hot-swap 3.5" HDD carrier (scervice friendly as Tool-Less)
  • Support of HDD zoning (up to 4 hosts)
  • Individual power management for HDDs (Power Cycling)
  • Redundant IPMI with SMPT management as Remote Power On/Off
  • 1000 watts redundant, hot-swap power supplies (2+2)
  • Robust design with optimized cooling

Total capacity on 4u (examples):

  • 960 TB with 90x 10 TB each SAS-HDD 6 Gb/s*
  • 720 TB with 90x 8 TB each SAS-HDD 12 Gb/s
  • 540 TB with 90x 6 TB each SAS-HDD 12 Gb/s
  • 360 TB with 90x 4 TB each SAS-HDD 6 Gb/s
  • 180 TB with 90x 2 TB each SAS-HDD 6 Gb/s

*10 TB HDD announced for Q3/2015

      Supermicro 90bay JBOD CSE 946EDSM 90bayJBOD rear closed

technical Specification (partly):

Form Factor
4U chassis
26'' (W) x 20.5''(H) 45.75'' (L)
Gross Weight
250 lb (113.4 kg)
Available Colors
  • black
Drive Bays
JBOD Chassis
• 90 x 3.5" hot-swap SAS/SATA drive bay with SES2 
• SAS or enterprise SATA HDD only recommended
Expander Module
• Dual hot-swappable SAS3 expander module
Front Panel
• Power On/Off button
• Unit Identification (UID) button
• 2 Network Activity LEDs
• Power Fail LED
• System Information LED
• Unit Identification (UID) LED
System Cooling
5 x 80mm heavy duty fans with PWM fan speed control
Operating Environment (System)
Operating Temperature Range
5°C ~ 35°C (41°F ~ 95°F)
Non-Operating Temperature Range
-40°C ~ 60°C (-40°F ~ 140°F)
Operating Relative Humidity Range
8% ~ 90% (non-condensing)
Non-Operating Relative Humidity Range
  • 5% - 95% (non-condensing)
Power Supply with Digital Switching Control
1U 1000W Redundant Single Output Power Supply Titanium Level
AC Input
  • 200-240 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Max: 66.7A (100Vac-127Vac)
  • Max: 83A (200Vac-240Vac)
12V SB
  • Max: 2.1A
Titanium Level96%

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