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ENTERPRISE-CLASS Solid state drives
built for extreme performance

Western Digital is the leader in SAS enterprise solid state drives, delivering innovation to the fast growing SSD market. With cutting-edge performance, endurance and reliability, Western Digital offers the most advanced PCIe and SAS SSDs for the enterprise infrastructure, where SSDs and hard disk drives (HDDs) integrate seamlessly in efficient, tiered storage environments.



 ultrastar dc ss530 left western digital.png.thumb.1280.1280


400GB - 3.2TB (10 DW/D)
400GB - 6.4TB (3DW/D)
480GB - 15TB (1DW/D)
Enterprise 3D-TLC 12Gb/s SAS Solid-State Drives 

  • Outstanding Performance – Up to 2.1GB/s, up to 440k/320k IOPS (4k read/write) at 92µs / 26-36µs latency (read/write)
  • Mainstream Endurance – Up to 10 DW/D for five years, Unrecoverable Bit Error Rate (UBER) von 1 in 1017
  • Security – ISE (Instant Secure Erase), TCG + FIPS Encryption
Ultrastar SS300  


3200GB, 1600GB, 800GB & 400GB
Enterprise MLC 12Gb/s SAS Solid-State Drives 

  • High Performance – Speeds up to 100 times faster than HDDs
  • Mainstream Endurance Up to 10 DW/D for five years, Unrecoverable Bit Error Rate (UBER) von 1 in 1017
  • Security – TCG compliance, secure erase, instant secure
ultrastar sn200 series 2   


6400GB, 3200GB, 1600GB & 800GB
NVM Express compatible PCI-E

  • High Density – Up to 6.4TB in 2.5" U2 or HHHL form factor
  • High Performance – Up to 580.000 sustained mixed random IOPS at 20µs write latency
  • High Serviceability – Hot-swappable SFF drives
  • Medium Endurance - Up to 3 drive writes per day (DWPD) for five years
  • NVMe compliant – Supported by standard NVMe drivers


 ultrastar dc sn620 left western digital.png.thumb.1280.1280  


3200GB, 1600GB / 3840GB, 1920GB
NVM Express compatible PCI-E

  • High density – Up to 3.84TB in 2.5" U2 
  • Read intensive - 1.2/1.7 resp.. 0.5/0.6 DW/D Endurance
  • High Performance – Up to 250.000 random IOPS
  • High Serviceability – Hot-swappable SFF drives
  • NVMe compliant – Supported by standard NVMe drivers


 product hero ultrastar dc me200 western digital main.png.png.thumb.1280.1280  

ULTRASTAR DC ME200 Memory Extension Drive

4096, 2048, 1024 GiB volatile / non-persistent
NVMe 1.2 PCIe Gen3 inkl. Memory Technology (MET)

  • High Performance – Near-DRAM performance
  • Reliability– Data Center class for critical applications
  • Scalability – Scale DRAM Pools with no modifications to OS or applications

Zstor is Western Digital (HGST/Hitachi/STEC) Integration Partner since 2010, for WD Enterprise HDDs and SSDs.

For more information contact Zstor's sales team via E-Mail:

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