Nexenta MetroCluster

Nexenta MetroCluster


 Customer Benefits 

  • Faster Cluster Failover Times
  • Improved Handling of Faulty Devices
  • Performance and Support for Large Memory Configurations
  • Cost Efficient Open Storage Solutions
  • Inline Data Reduction with LZ4 Compression Support
  • Fully Redesigned Auto-Sync Replication Facility
  • Guided Storage Pool Configuration
  • Migration to the Illumos Kernel
  • HA cluster for the hosting and cloud datacenters
  • MetroCluster for geo-redundant DataCenters

Key Features

  • Scalable, synchronous storage for two sites up to 30 mi (50 km) apart
  • Great flexibility and advanced features including unlimited snapshots
  • On-demand capacity expansion, data protection, and ease of management
  • No vendor lock-in - choose the right hardware for each project
  • Excellent overall I/O per watt for an even greener solution 

NexentaStor Metro HA

NexentaStor MetroHA delivers the comprehensive recovery infrastructure you need. Its highavailability cluster configuration of NexentaStor with ATTO FiberBridges provides for at leasttwo complete copies of specified file systems or data volumes separated by up to 30 miles/50kilometers for storage redundancy, high availability, and disaster recovery over campus andmetro-wide distances. With NexentaStor MetroHA, you manage the active-active pair froma single location, using synchronous copy updates to provide full redundancy and fail-over.Our design and implementation methodology removes the risk of possible configurationinconsistencies which arise between the two arrays. You can use either a web-based andcommand-line interface (CLI) to manage the solution.

Low TCO: Like other Nexenta products, NexentaStor MetroHA is Open Source-drivenSoftware-Defined Storage, so you’re free to run it on whatever industry-standard x86server hardware is most cost effective for your business, free from vendor lock-in. BecauseNexentaStor MetroHA is a true clustered storage solution, you manage the active-active pairfrom a single location, which simplifies administration, configuration, and maintenance forthe primary and secondary site – and further reduces overhead and cost.

24 x 7 availability: Most organizations need immediate access to their data 24x7, even when a disaster occurs. Because NexentaStor MetroHA stores mirrored data at multiple sites, your organization can keep accessing the data needed by real-time mission critical applicationsregardless of whether there’s a drive failure, a head node failure, a data center failure, or evena regional disruption.
NexentaStor MetroHA synchronously distributes data across multiple sites withinmetropolitan distances and presents it to the storage controller heads for both activeactiveand active-passive unified storage presentation. In the event of a total site disruption, NexentaStor MetroHA restores data services at the secondary location or remote sitewithin seconds.

High performance and resilience: Many organizations are finding it harder to access theirdata quickly even under everyday conditions. NexentaStor MetroHA can improve everydayaccess as well as provide seamless service in the event of a systems failure.
NexentaStor MetroHA provides a synchronous storage solution that stores data at two sites,separated by up to 30 miles/50 kilometers. Configurations contain at least two completecopies of specified file systems or data volumes, synchronously updated to the storagearrays, true ZFS mirroring (instead of replication), and end-to-end data integrity for bothoptimal uptime and maximum data integrity when transferred over the WAN.
For maximum performance, NexentaStor MetroHA leverages back end fiber channelconnectivity in conjunction with the ATTO FiberBridges and hybrid storage pools, whichuse the system memory of the head nodes as well as solid state drives to speed up readsand writes for all data that is shared across the environment. This accelerates the everydayperformance of standard rotational hard disk drives resulting in a faster solution with asmaller data center footprint than other storage solutions on the market today.

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What does Premium Partner status mean for the enterprise storage customer?

Nexenta looks for a high level of consultation in Premium Partners, along with support throughout the entire solution cycle, to deliver unlimited storage scalability, end-to-end storage data integrity, and five-nines reliability. With Zstor's proven storage experience and long-term partnership with Nexenta, customers can be assured that their concerns for a tailored, unified storage design will be exceeded.

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