Mellanox Ethernet Storage Fabric (ESF)

Deliver performance and efficiency for scale-out storage and hyperconverged infrastructures


Fast, Smart & Simple

ESF Has Everything a Traditional SAN Offers but… Faster, Smarter, & Much Simpler

An Ethernet Storage Fabric (ESF) leverages the speed, flexibility, and cost efficiencies of Ethernet to provide the foundation for the fastest and most efficient way of networking storage. An ESF is run on purpose-built switches which are optimized to deliver the highest levels of performance, lowest latencies and zero packet loss, with unique form factors and storage-aware features.

High performance Mellanox Spectrum Ethernet switches running MLNXOS are ideal for a broad range of storage applicationsincluding NVMe-oF, Hyperconverged, Converged, scale-out or centralizedstorage systems. MLNX-OS makes the storage solution optimized bysupporting network automation, storage visibility, and managementrelated enhancements.

ESF growth 

Storage networks built on the Mellanox SN-Series of Ethernet Switches provide an ideal Ethernet Storage Fabric (ESF), optimized to deliver the highest levels of performance, industry-best latency, zero packet loss, and unique storage aware features and form factors. By leveraging the SNseries switches it’s possible to build an Ethernet Storage Fabric or converged network capable of simultaneously handling compute and storage traffic. Support for iSCSI storage networks as well as for file, block, object and the latest NVMe over fabric storage is possible due to unique storage networking optimizations built into each switch, including dynamically shared buffers and predictable performance, making the SN-series ideal for storage environments. Future-proof your storage environment with support for faster speeds, new protocols and the ability to add storage services by either running them on the switches or integrating with the Switch OS. Put your storage on the fast track with Mellanox SN-series Ethernet switches and an Ethernet Storage Fabric.

  • Faster servers accessing flash storage
  • Rapid data center expansion
  • Software-defined, scale-out storage
  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)
  • Virtualized workloads
  • On-prem. private/hybrid cloud
  • Optimized for storage traffic
  • Lossless for predictable performance
  • Sub μsec latency and high-throughput
  • Intelligent buffers to handle microbursts
  • Fair IO across all ports and packet sizes.
ESF summary 




  • Highest bandwidth
  • Lowest latency
  • RoCE and storage offloads
  • Native NVMe-oF acceleration
  • Auto discovery & provisioning
  • Security & isolation
  • Monitoring & management
  • Storage-aware QoS
  • Optimized form factors
  • Rapid deployment
  • Quick troubleshooting
  • Flexible: Block, File, Object
Speed, flexibility, ease of deployment,
and cost efficiencies of Ethernet
Best switching hardware and software packaged in ideal form factors

A better SAN without $$$

  • 3x more performance than FC
  • 3x lower price than FC
  • Any storage/HCI architecture
  • Speeds from 10 to 100Gb/s

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