Accelerate performance without compromising Reliability
Local NVMe Latency in a shared NVMe Appliance
E8storage NVME All Flash Array

As the first centralized NVMe solution in the industry, E8 Storage provides high performance storage and high availability based on open hardware architecture with a rack-scale architecture that is easily upgradable and expandable while eliminating storage need projections. The E8 Storage appliance can be used with any NVMe 2.5″ drive in the industry, either single or dual port. E8 Storage has developed a unique and patented revolutionary low-TCO storage architecture for the enterprise and software-defined cloud.


• High Capacity: Up to 141TB (usable)
• Low latency: on par with local SSD usage
• Converged Ethernet: no need for a separate network
• Rich Feature Set: Shared LUN, storage QoS, network QoS
• Low Power: only 1200W for full performance
• High Availability: RAID-6, no single point of failure,
   all parts replaceable

Enterprise Server with an E8 driver

E8storage NVMe fabric diagram

Why not use NVMe drives in a SAN ?
Using NVMe as a SAS or SATA replacement in the storage area network (SAN) will have little performance improvement if any at all. The reason is that with SAN arrays, even with all-flash arrays (AFAs), the bottleneck is not the SSD connectivity, but rather the I/O stack of the storage controller. Furthermore, the latency of the SAN is much higher than that of local SSDs, while the bandwidth and throughput of existing SAN and AFA cannot scale to NVMe. Remote NVMe requires a low-latency high-bandwidth network.

NVM-over-fabrics (NVMf) allows a client to access a remote box of NVMe with low latency and high bandwidth/throughput. However, NVMf protocol does not explain how to implement features such as RAID or thin provisioning for NVMe drives.

E8storage NVMe fabric


E8 STORAGE NVMe Appliance

E8 Storage Logo

E8storage NVME All Flash Array
Product HA NVMe Cluster-in-a-box 24x 2.5" Bay
Designed for:

Read-Intensive Applications

Write-Intensive Applications
Performance    Read  


Read Write 
Latency (4KB,QD=1)


40µs 100µs 40µs

5 Million

200 k 10 Million
2 Million
Throughput (GB/s) 20 8 40 20
Density 2U24
Capacity (raw)


19TB - 154TB
Enclosure high availability


Disk redundancy Double parity
Double parity
Connectivity 4x 100GbE ports
8 x100 GbE ports
Power consumption

1200W max. - 800W typical

 1200W max. - 800W typical
Rack height 2U
Dimension 482mm (W) x 883mm (H) x 88mmm(D)
482mm (W) x 883mm (H) x 88mmm(D)
Gross Weight 45kg
Compliance Standard UL, CE, FCC Class, RoHS
UL, CE, FCC Class, RoHS
Warranty 3 Years Warranty
3 Years Warranty
Host server requirements
• Operating system:
RHEL or CentOS 6.7 and above or 7.1 and above; Ubuntu 14 and above;
SLES 12 and above; Debian 8.6 and above.
• Network interface card: RDMA Enabled NIC, 10GbE and above.

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