Zstor windows flash array
Af224  2U 12G SAS with > 1.400.000 IOPSEN rgb WS12R2 Cert Blu286 2

With the Windows Flash Array family, Zstor offers a very versatile, high performance storage system that can be seamlessly integrate into new and existing IT environments. Especially where a high input-/output load is requested, the Windows Flash Array of Zstor plays out its special features and represents more than 1.4 million IOPs in particular in the field of databases. With a data transfer rate up to 10 GB/s also large files can be quickly and easily transferred to the central servers. The Zstor AF224 is optimized for use in Microsoft Windows, HyperV, Linux, and VMware environments. The main features are:

  • More than 1.400.000 IOPs with Enterprise SSDs
  • up to 10 GB/s real data transfer
  • 4,8 - 38,4 TB total capacity
    (2 - 16 TB usable high performance net capacity)
  • Internal data transfer via SAS 12 GB/s
  • Two hot swap nodes, each with two Intel XEON processors out of Haswell family
  • 128 / 256 GB RAM DDR4 per node
  • 10 Gb-Ethernet-, IB- or FC-interfaces
  • RDMA support for fast data access
  • Redundant high efficiency 80+ Platinum PSUsAF224a front
  • Compact chassis in 2U rack mount
  • Hot swap carriers for SSDs
  • Expansion up to 115 ZB total capacity
    via JBODs and SAS 12GB/s external interfaces


Highly available SSD Array

With the AF224 Zstor has developed a high-availability storage system based on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 and consistently optimized the technical possibilities of storage spaces with powerful hardware components. Through the use of solid state disks of the enterprise-class in the fastest 12G-SAS-Technologie the AF224 uses not only an existing potential in terms of IOPs, but also in terms of latency. In addition to low response times, the Windows Flash Array of Zstor realized also the transfer of large files up to 10 GB/s. Performance is achieved by use of two hot swappable server bays (2 node cluster), each of them is equipped with two of the latest Intel server processors. That also a sufficient memory in DDR4 technology is installed, is almost obvious.

"Storage Spaces" realized as it‘s best

The Zstor Windows Storage Array fits seamlessly in the Microsoft server world. Thanks to Windows Server 2012 R2 features can took advantage of the storage spaces and the connections to the server are done through proven protocols. Particularly, the AF224 is suitable for the virtual world of the HyperV, because here it can be set as scale-out-file-server (SoFS) and makes high-performance space available to virtual machines or SQL databases.


   Ideal for Data Center

Ease of deployment, operation and scalability are essential requirements of modern large-scale data centers, who request typically fast servers and high performance data access. The compact design in 2U rack mount and the ease of use and integration into existing IT structures suggest the Zstor Windows Flash Array for use in data centers. The Zstor AF224 family fits into today's requirements also with regard to the acquisition and operating costs, because the system can be extended at a later date through external 12G SAS interfaces in addition to a very good price/performance ratio. As a result the systems therefore grows with future customer needs.


Technical specifications:

2015 Zstor Logo o Tx RGB

Entry Level
Zstor AF224-E

High Performance
Zstor AF224-P

 CPU per Node
2x Intel Xeon Haswell v3 Entry
2x Intel Xeon Haswell v3 Performance
 DDR4 RAM per Node
 Network defaults included
 per Node
1x 100/1000 BMC
2x 1/10GbE OS Management
2x 10GbE Cluster Interconnect
 Network options with RDMA /
 SMB direct (SMB3)
 per Node up to 2 cards (*2)
Ethernet dual-port 10GbE
Ethernet dual-port 10/40/56GbE
Infiniband dual-port (QDR, FDR, IB+ETH)
FibreChannel 8/16 Gb/s)
 OS Storage
 Shared Cluster Storage usable,
 high performance mirrored,
 high-available net capacity
AF224-E2: 4.8 TB brutto
(2 TB net)
AF224-E4 : 9.6 TB brutto
(4 TB net)
AF224-E8 : 19.2 TB brutto
(8 TB net)
AF224-E16 : 38.4 TB brutto
(16 TB net)
AF224-P2:4.8 TB brutto
(2 TB net)
AF224-P4: 9.6 TB brutto
(4 TB net)
AF224-P8: 19.2 TB brutto
(8 TB net)
AF224-P16:38.4 TB brutto
(16 TB net)
 Storage host bus adapter
Avago/LSI SAS 3008, 12G SAS HBA dualport
 Storage options (*2)
Dual HBA (reduces Network options to max. 1 card)
 Storage Expansion
External SFF-8644 SAS 12G port,
1 per node for JBOD expansion
2U 19" Rackmount, dual clustered node, includes 19" railkit
1+1 redundant high efficiency 1600W PSUs (80 plus platinum),
4 dual rotor fans (screwless quick exchange)
 Dimensions & Weight
WxHxD: 17.48 x 3.44 x 31.1 (inch) / 444 x 87.5 x 790 (mm),
~ 27 kg
Limited Warranry: Zstor Basic 36 months, part replacement service
Certified and designed for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Storage Spaces 
Licenses not included. Includes optimizations and setup guide.

*1) Typical cluster performance for random 4k reads (IOPS) or sequential 8M reads (throughput) with 24 drives and Windows Server 2012 R2 clustering technologies. Results may vary on configuration, setup and usage.

*2) two network options OR 1 network option + dual port HBA
*3) announced for the upcoming Windows Server release


 (*1) IOPS Throughput    Latency  
100% random 4k read 100% random 4k write 100% seq. 8M read 100% seq. 8M write
Entry Level
Zstor AF224-E
>1.000.000 >430.000 8 GB/s 3 GB/s ~1ms
High Performance
Zstor AF224-P
>1.400.000 >600.000 >9 GB/s >3 GB/s ~1ms
Measurement by Iometer 1.1.0.

main features Windows Flash Array / WIndows spaces:

Storage and File System: File and Block Access: Network Features:
Data Deduplication
NTFS Availability
Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX)

CIFS / SMB 3.0
NFS 3.0/4.1
VMware VMs over NFS
Microsoft SOFS (Scale-out File Server)
VSS for Remote SMB File Shares (snaps)
FibreChannel & iSCSI

RDMA / SMB Direct
SMB Multichannel
Transparent Failover
Clustering: Virtualization: Manageability:
Cluster Shared Volumes v2
DFS Replication
Storage Replica(*3)

Live Storage Migration
New VHDX standard
Microsoft System Center

SSD Partner for best performance: HGST for Zstor's Windows Flash Array:

For more information please send an E-Mail to Zstor's sales team:

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