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Since years Zstor is Premium Channel Partner of NexentaStor Software. From the early beginnings Zstor is offering storage soultions within the European business area based on the ZFS file system, where NexentaStor is the core software in. Installations higher than one PetaBytes are realized via using a solution from Zstor based on proven hardware and Nexenta's powerful, reliable and stable software. 

About Nexentastor

Nexenta® is the global leader in Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage (OpenSDS) with 6,000+ customers, 400+ partners, 33 patents, and more than 1,800 petabytes of storage under management. Nexenta uniquely integrates software-only “Open Source” collaboration with commodity hardware-centric “Software-Defined Storage” innovation. Nexenta OpenSDS solutions are 100% software-based; and 100% hardware-, protocol-, and app-agnostic providing organizations with Total Freedom protecting them against punitive vendor lock-in. Nexenta provides organizations with the "true" benefits of Software-Defined Everything-centric Cloud Computing – from data centers to end users; from the infrastructure to apps. Nexenta OpenSDS enables everyday apps from rich media-driven Social Living to Mobility; from the Internet of Things to Big Data; from OpenStack and CloudStack to Do-It-Yourself Cloud deployments – for all types of Clouds – Private, Public, and Hybrid. Founded around an "Open Source” platform and industry-disrupting vision, Nexenta delivers its award- and patent-winning software-only unified storage management solutions with a global partner network, including Cisco, Citrix, Dell, HP, Quanta, SanDisk, Seagate, Supermicro, VMware, Western Digital, Wipro, and many others.

Available Any Time, Anywhere

Nexenta’s products are being embedded into a growing set of products and solutions created and sold by hardware vendors, software developers, systems integrators, OEMs, and resellers. Nexenta products are available in many languages and character sets, and are sold worldwide.

Nexenta’s core storage platform, NexentaStor™, is a software-only storage operating system and a storage-optimized file system based on OpenSolaris / OpenStorage ZFS technology. With this unique combination, Nexenta products provide unparalleled capabilities in managing multi-vendor environments, extreme efficiencies in storage administration and management, and core storage capabilities for content management, compliance, and more.


In 2005, founders Alex Aizman and Dmitry Yusupov saw an opportunity to pioneer components of Linux with the OpenSolaris and Open Storage codebases and founded Nexenta. These products were among the first open source storage products to be brought to market in mid-2008.

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