Storage Spaces with Windows Server 2012

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Storage Spaces is a new virtualization capability in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 which enables users to dramatically reduce the cost of highly available storage for virtualized or physical deployments, while also providing high resiliency and operational simplicity. Storage spaces come with features that provide resiliency, scalability, high availability and ease of administrative operations.

Storage Spaces Model

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Storage Spaces gives administrators the option to deploy a resilient and highly available storage system utilizing cost-efficient hardware – commodity SAS JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks) enclosures, and commodity SAS adapters. Storage Spaces introduces platform storage virtualization, enabling deployments with business-critical data needs across a variety of scenarios, while providing suitable features for the appropriate set of workloads.

Storage Spaces offers the following capabilities and features:

  • Storage Spaces provide resilient storage in the form of mirror spaces with dirty region tracking, and parity spaces with integrated journaling. Storage spaces also provide rapid recovery via per-pool hot spares.
  • Windows’ Failover Clustering is a feature that enables multiple servers (known as cluster nodes) to be formed into a cluster which provides high availability for the underlying storage and supported workloads, such as File Server and Hyper-V. Failover Clustering supports storage based on Storage Spaces utilizing commodity shared SAS JBODs, or a more traditional shared storage appliance.
  • Thin provision allows administrators to have straight-forward storage planning, focusing on the minimum number of physical drives to deploy and the near-term size of their datasets.
  • Storage Spaces provides admin with the better optimized and flexible capacity utilization, with ease of configuration and management through Power Shell, Control Panel Applet (Windows 8) and Server Manager UI (Windows Server 2012), with easy scalability of storage pools and storage spaces, and with effective utilization of hardware investment.

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