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High available hyper-converged solutions from Zstor now certified for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

Zstor rackmount and desktop HCI servers certified for Windows Server and Azure Stack HCI build the base for Zstor’s tailor-made HCI solutions

Kaarst, 4th of September, 2019

Zstor has been offering hyper-converged IT systems for data centers for many years and has recently expanded its product range by including Zstor Azure Stack HCI solutions certified by Microsoft. By using the Zstor Servers with Windows Server 2019 in high available cluster configuration, typical features of Microsoft Azure Cloud Services can now be executed locally alongside enterprise applications. Based on individual customer requirements, Zstor Azure Stack HCI solutions offer either performance, capacity, or format-optimized systems using the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processors, second generation and current NVMe, SSD, or HDD storage devices.

More than just a hybrid cloud solution

Zstor's Microsoft certified Azure Stack HCI solutions can operate with up to 16 Microsoft Windows 2019 servers in a cluster, providing local applications with required performance, by using the latest processors and storage media, and increased reliability in high available architecture. The Azure Stack allows the use of Azure Cloud Services locally which can operate independently of the Azure hardware in Microsoft data centers. This also allows cloud applications to be used offline, so that they meet for example legal requirements (data security). Of course, access to the Azure Cloud platform with its IaaS and PaaS services is fully integrated; as a result a compact and centralized managed enterprise IT is given. Also future requirements will be met by simply scaling.

Zstor HCI solutions certified for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

"Our certified solutions move and accelerate Azure Cloud features to on-premises systems and facilitate the integration of Azure services such as Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery, Azure File Sync, and Azure Update Management on a single hyper-converged infrastructure," says Helmut Kopel, Managing Director of Zstor GmbH in Kaarst. "Especially when it comes to powering virtualized environments, Zstor's Azure Stack HCI solutions are ideal for use. In addition to optimizing the utilization of the high available hardware and its simple scaling, acquisition and operating cost can also be optimized and planned over the entire usage period."

Azure Stack Cloud Services get the most leverage

By combining performance-based on-premise hardware and Azure Stack services, off-premise applications can be accelerated by local hardware. The Zstor Azure Stack HCI solution acts as a smart interface, especially for the established Microsoft Cloud backup and file synchronization services. In addition to Azure Backup and Azure File Sync, it's natural to integrate other Azure Stack Cloud services, such as Azure Update Management, in an easy way.

Zstor rackmount and desktop solutions as a hyper-converged appliance

In addition to the proven rackmount servers of the Zstor GS series, the Zstor GS Cube servers in desktop format built the base for the tailor-made Zstor Azure Stack HCI solutions. The systems certified for Microsoft Windows 2019 use Storage Spaces Direct to create a hybrid storage solution including NVMe/SSD caching and tiering in a high available, redundant infrastructure across multiple servers. RDMA support provides low latency and high IOPS rates, which are especially recommended for Microsoft HyperV environments. The solutions can be run as all-flash systems, but also as capacity-optimized solutions using hard disk drives.

Certified Azure Stack HCI solutions with service now available

Consulting is paramount to plan an Azure Stack HCI solution. Here Zstor is available with know-how and provides the needed consulting power. The complete systems from Zstor are planned, configured and delivered according to the respective requirements. Optionally, warranty and service services are available for up to 60 months. The technical support and service is available directly by Zstor’s technical support team. Offers can now be requested via the e-mail address:

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Modular designed Gooxi Storage Platforms, Single- and Multi-Node-Servers as well as Blade Servers will be completely configured and optimized by Zstor for the European Market

Kaarst, 8th of June, 2018

Operators of data centers, such as hosting or cloud provider, but also IT departments of universities and research institutes require performance based, proven and easy to service systems for their server and storage requirements. Zstor, as an innovative company within Central Europe, expands their portfolio of professional servers and storage systems with products developed by Gooxi, one of the leading Chinese manufacturers of modular storage and server platforms as well as blade systems. Based on Gooxi’s barebones with Intel Purley platforms Zstor offers instantly customized server and next generation storage solutions, using up to Intel’s scalable processors and State-of-the-Art SAS 12G SSDs and hard disk drives. Gooxi’s storage and server platforms build the base for Zstor’s tailor-made Software Defined Storage solutions.

Gooxi – A leading Chinese manufacturer likes to increase businesses via Zstor within Europe

Shenzhen Guoxinhengyu Technology Co. Ltd. (Gooxi) established 2009 in China offers sophisticated server and storage barebones to OEM and ODM partners. With more than 100,000 systems per year, Gooxi is one of the major players in the Far East IT industry and one of few manufacturers, designing and producing chassis and backplanes as well as motherboards on their own. A focus sets Gooxi on the modular design of barebones which depict not only a service-friendly platform, but also match to the requirements of applications by high flexible configurations.

Zstor - Partner for Gooxi systems in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

For direct sale, service and consultancy of Gooxi systems, Zstor now starts as authorized Gooxi integration and distribution partner. "Based on the server and storage platforms by Gooxi today we even better meet our customer’s requirements by flexible configurations ", said Helmut Kopel, Managing Director of Zstor GmbH signing the agreement with Gooxi. “Up to high-performance solutions using scalable processors from Intel, we can configure individually and flexible customer’s server and storage solutions and also combine this with service and support from one single source."

Zstor configures specialized servers according to customer‘s requirements

Best server and storage systems in rackmount format of 1U to 4U with one or two CPUs are available for entry level applications and will be equipped according to customer's request by Zstor with LAN interfaces, storage controllers as well as SSDs/HDDs. More powerful systems are configured with new Intel Xeon Scalable processors. In addition to multi-node servers running with two or four Intel Xeon E5-2600 server platforms, server blades up to 12 Intel Xeon E3-1200 modules for high-performance applications are available. Zstor’s systems are prepared for use in different system environments and are certified for the respective operating system, fully supported by Zstor’s single point of contact service and logistic strategy.

Save on service costs through exchangeable modular components

The modular design of the Gooxi server and storage platforms enables rapid service deployment in case of an error. In a few seconds the entire motherboard with all built-in interface cards can be replaced without removing the server chassis out of the rack. This enormously reduces the needed service time in case of an error and realizes a fast system recovery with a lowest downtime. Also the modular design of server and storage systems can fit to future requirements through an easy update.

Consulting, configuration, and service from one single source

Customer’s respective requirements define the configuration and installation of any Gooxi system deployed by Zstor. Optional warranty and services are available up to 60 months. The English and German speak technical support and service will be done directly by well-educated engineers by  Zstor’s headquarters for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Quotes can be requested from now on via a central email address .

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Storage Spaces Direct within Zstor’s GS-Cube8 Hyper Converged Mini-Format-Cluster combines Performance with Capacity for normal Office Environment

Kaarst, 5th of April, 2018

The probably smallest Hyper Converged S2D cluster inspired by the Microsoft server team project "Kepler-47" as well as requested by costumers is launched by Zstor GmbH, a specialist for hyper converged IT solutions. Based on Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) two systems in compact, extra quiet mini desktop chassis are available for a cluster environment either capacity or performance optimized. Both systems are inter-connected via fast 25 GbE interfaces, offering a high available platform for local applications and virtual machines. The administration is done from the central data center via well proven management tools.

Hyper Converged Cluster in a most quiet Mini-Format

Hyper-converged server systems are innovative virtualization solutions, which combine computing with software defined storage in one single platform which even is characterized by user-friendly administration. Zstor with the Zstor GS Cube8 realized probably the world's most compact all-in one virtualization solution, providing the necessary performance, coupled with high availability to meet requirements of branches and departments, but still administrated by the centralized data center.

Zstor GS-Cube8 uses proven high end data center technologies

As an all-in one solution the Zstor GS Cube8 provides locally a complete, reliable cluster. Consisting of two independent computer nodes, performed by the latest Intel XEON Gen6 CPU, 64 GB DDR-4 RAM, and SSD tiering, a high available IT in mini compact, extra quiet chassis are prepared for serving applications in virtual machines. Data communication, synchronization, and the heart-beat are realized via two super-fast 25Gb-Ethernet interfaces with full RDMA support. Windows Server 2016 datacenter edition manages the internal SSDs and HDDs via Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) within each server node.

Datacenter Power where it is needed

"With the Zstor GS Cube8 solution we bring proven data center technologies to branches and departments, which can be used in normal office environments because of its extra quiet fans ", says Helmut Kopel, Managing Director of the Zstor GmbH in front of the introduction of the Zstor GS-Cube8 solution. "Our GS-Cube8 Cluster provides computing power where it is needed, increases local productivity, relieves the WAN through decentralisation and simplify the centrally administration through well-known, proven data center tools."

Complete Systems easy to administrate

In addition to the capacity-optimized solution Zstor GS-Cube8-CAP realizes through high capacitive disks a usable capacity of 65TB, also the optimized version Zstor GS-Cube8-PER with high performance SSDs offers usable 20 TB. The administration of the complete cluster will be performed remote via integrated IPMI 2.0 RJ45 interfaces, as well as centrally monitored by popular SNMP tools.

Zstor GS-Cube8 now available

The complete solution Zstor GS-Cube8 Zstor consisting of two independent nodes in robust mini-desktop chassis are now available. Including 24 months limited warranty and reachable technical support the 2-node Zstor GS Cube8 starts at 7000,- EUR, net. Price requests for tailor-made solutions can be done via Zstor’s project sales team’s email address .

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Storage Spaces par excellence – Zstor CiB solutions now fully certified for Windows Server 2016 Storage Spaces

Kaarst, 6th of July, 2017

As one of the first German manufacturer of professional storage solutions for medium-sized companies and Datacenter, Zstor has certified high available Cluster-in-a-Box storage solutions (CiB) for Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Storage Spaces. Each Zstor storage cluster CiB224 and CiB4270 have two independent hot-swap compute nodes, which are built in a compact 2U or 4U rackmount chassis with 12 / 24 or 70 hot-swap SSD/HDD drive bays. Up to four powerful Intel Xeon CPUs manage high performance SSDs (solid state disks) and high capacitive hard disk drives via State-of-the-Art 12G SAS interfaces. Zstor’s storage cluster CiB224 and CiB4270 will be tailor made on application’s demand and are prepared for further additional JBOD expansion units via built-in external SAS interfaces.

„Cluster in a Box“ – Zstor storage cluster make HA storage solutions easy
The concept of Cluster-in-a-Box (CiB) is consistently deployed by Zstor, combined in a single system and tailored to the requirements of the application. Specifically for use in smaller environments, the Zstor storage clusters CiB224/4270 are ideal for use and combine IOPS as well as data throughput in a compact appliance deployed as high available storage solutions. Based on Microsoft's Windows Server 2016 architecture the Zstor CiB224/4270 uses consistently Storage Spaces in cluster nodes which made it easy to be integrated into existing IT environments. The systems are completely certified by Microsoft for Windows Server 2016 Storage Spaces and designed as high available storage solution, Zstor’s Storage Cluster have two redundant nodes, which is set into an automatic failover cluster and thus offers maximum reliability and data availability. Both systems can individually equip with high performance datacenter SSDs or enterprise SAS HDDs.

Ideal entry level solution for storage professionals
"Ultimately the Cluster-in-a-Box concept is a 'turn-key'-solution, which really reduces the workload of every admin in integration of high available storage solutions", says Helmut Kopel, Managing Director of Zstor GmbH. "Through our years of experience specifically with Windows Server and Storage Spaces environments we have certified our storage clusters with Microsoft as a complete storage solution. Moreover, we stand ready with our specialists to support admins in design and implementation into their respective IT structure."

"Zstor plays Storage Spaces" – and offer their knowledge to partner´s and admins
The implementation of professional storage solutions using Windows Server 2016 needs some experience - especially when it comes to Storage Spaces. Right here Zstor offers with its fully certified Cluster-in-a-Box solutions partners and admins the needed consultancy and support via well trained and experienced certified engineers. Zstor works out possible approaches individual and tailored to the needs of the system environment and optimize them in terms of performance and cost. For larger environments also certified storage building blocks for complex high performing and high available storage solutions are available in Zstor’s portfolio.

Certified Server and JBODs for larger storage solutions
Microsoft has introduced a very special, highly flexible software-defined storage (SDS) through the introduction of Storage Spaces within the Windows Server architecture. Not only the power reserves within the servers can be better exploit, it also make a better use of the different performance benefits of HDD, SSD, and NVMe components. Complex scale out file server (SoFS) structures, consisting of servers and JBODs with latest 12G SAS architecture offers the necessary disk space, as well as the necessary performance to the centralized productive servers. With fully certified servers of the GridServer series and also certified Zstor JBODs, sophisticated systems for complex, high performance and high available storage solutions can be realized.

All certified systems are available now
Fully certified for Windows Server 2016 and Storage Spaces "Cluster in a Box"-entry solutions are available for ordering as well as certified storage building blocks with GridServer and Zstor JBODs for realizing high available storage solutions. In addition to a 36 months hardware service a personal technical hotline in English language is available. All Zstor storage solutions are tailor made to the needs of system requirements and are offered individually.

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Exclusively on WHD at Europapark Rust Zstor introduces the newest flagship, the Zstor NV24P JBOF NVMe Flash System

Kaarst, 23th of March, 2017

Just a Bunch of NVMe Flash - JBOF – is the logical next step in requirements requested for datacenter environments looking for cost-efficient, high-performance, and flexible to use storage. Zstor, an innovative company offering professional storage and server systems for datacenter, launches the new flagship Zstor NV24P JBOF NVMe Flash system with storage capacity of up to 184 TB exclusively on WHD show at Europapark rust. Based on a PCIe architecture directly connected between servers and JBOF a central Zstor NV24P JBOF offers nearly identical performance characteristics in terms of IOPS load and latency versus local NVMe SSDs. Through combining NVMe Storage into a centralized Zstor NV24P JBOF the operating costs will be significantly reduced and the flexibility in connection of NVMe storage to dedicated servers will be increased.

JBOF - just a bunch of NVMe Flash – comes slightly inline from well-known JBOD – just a bunch of disk -. The idea to centralize Flash memory in direct attached storage (DAS) connectivity is perfect realized when using Zstor NV24P JBOF together high performance PCIe host bus adapters. The PCIe system interfaces give the full bandwidth of server performance directly to the attached JBOF without using any switch. As known from the JBOD technology also the JBOF system gives the benefits in cost reduction while keeping the performance features available.
"NVMe SSDs almost used in any server farm offers the needed performance. With the Zstor NV24P JBOF as centralized Flash system it offers beside a flexible use also a significant cost reduction by keeping the needed performance levels", says Helmut Kopel, Managing Director of Zstor GmbH. „The strategy of combining expensive high-performance storage devices in a centralized system for cost reduction will become a clear standard in datacenter very soon."
The IT infrastructure in which the Zstor NV24P JBOF will be used, is based on the consistent implementation of local requirements for PCIe-based high-performance storage into a centralised PCIe-based system with NVMe SSDs. Order to meet the requirements in high IOPS-load and low latency up to eight servers can be connected via NVMe PCI-e Gen3 host bus adapters to the Zstor NV24P JBOF Flash storage. The PCIe interfaces connect servers directly to the JBOF without any additional switches. The Zstor NV24P itself offers flexible NVMe storage directly to attached servers via physical zoning maps. This Zstor NV24P JBOF is supported by all operating systems without additional drivers and can be used also cross-platforms.
The Zstor NV24P JBOF, equipped with a three years system warranty is available from now as well as the necessary NVME PCIe host bus adapter Zstor P300 series. Capacity up to 24x 7.68TB = 184TB can be realized in one Zstor NV24P JBOF. The product prices are subject to the necessary capacity and the connection to the relevant server. Project-oriented offerings tailored to the required capacity can be requested directly from Zstor via .

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