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NexentaStor is a fully featured NAS/SAN software platform with enterprise class capabilities that address the challenges presented by ever-growing datasets. NexentaStor continues to build on its position as the superior, open alternative to vertically integrated, proprietary storage offerings, provides customers the flexibility to select their storage operating system independently from the hardware it runs on.

NexentaStor licensed features add incremental functionality and enhance NexentaStor's standard capabilities. In addition, these optional features can be installed without restarting NexentaStor or upgrading the entire system.


Enterprise Value

Certified on a wide choice of industry standard hardware, NexentaStor helps organizations implement high-performance, cost-effective data storage solutions with features that include inline deduplication, unlimited snapshots, cloning and full HA support. In addition, NexentaStor functionality includes full integration with hypervisors, even in mixed vendor environments.

This solution can create shared pools of storage from any combination of storage hardware, including SSDs. It also delivers end-to-end data integrity, integrated search and inline virus scanning. NexentaStor also enables efficient one-click virtual machine and other storage provisioning.

The power of NexentaStor is extended by the use of Nexenta's Licensed Features. These include namespace cluster, high availability clusters, OST for Symantec NetBackup and Nexenta Target FC. These also provide integration enhancements for management and administration with other 3rd Party products such as virtualization suites.

Included Features

  • Highly Scalable File System: ZFS-based technology provides the most scalable and flexible 128-bit file system
  • End-to-End Data Integrity: Because the self healing file system of ZFS, users need not worry about silent data corruption
  • Unlimited Storage Capacity: Designed for large-scale unplanned growth with unlimited snapshots and copy-on-write clones
  • Unlimited File Size: While most legacy solutions limit the size of the file system, there are no such limitations with ZFS
  • Unified Appliance: Support for NAS (NFS, CIFS, WebDAV, FTP) and SAN (iSCSI, FC) means flexibility
  • Data Deduplication and Native Compression: Inline data deduplication and compression reduces the use of primary storage
  • Hybrid Storage Pools: Exploit I/O cache to accelerate read and write performance
  • Heterogeneous Block and File Replication: Asynchronous replication for easy disaster recovery
  • Block-level Mirroring: Setup remote backups and disaster recovery at off-site locations
  • Simplified Disk Management: Manage disks and JBODs using either command line or NexentaStor Management Viewer (NMV)
  • Total Product Safety: Proactive, automated alert mechanisms send alerts when configuration deviates from the user defined policy
  • VMintegration: Support all the major hypervisors

High Availability Cluster

Nexenta High Availability (HA) Cluster provides active failover capabilities for NexentaStor servers to eliminate a NexentaStor server as a single point of failure. The HA Cluster licensed feature supports both active / active and active / passive NexentaStor server cluster configurations. HA Cluster manages and controls the shared storage which is accessible from both NexentaStor servers. During failover scenarios, HA Cluster quickly and securely transitions services and data access between NexentaStor servers to ensure data availability. In conjunction with NexentaStor, HA Cluster helps storage administrators protect data in multiple ways, including mirrored RAID, data replication and metro area clustered failover via the Nexenta MetroHA solution.

Target FC

Nexenta Target FC licensed feature enables storage administrators to configure and export block-level ZVOLs (a virtual block device similar to a LUN) via the Fibre Channel protocol. Through an intuitive user interface, Target FC provides enterprise class features for block level storage configuration and management, including:

  • Adaptive multi-pathing to scale-up performance as needed via the use of additional process threads when needed. Ability to create and manage logical groups of initiators and targets to control access to ZVOLs Support for multiple initiator to target LUN mappings
  • NexentaStor provides data protection for ZVOLs via inherent features such as replication and mirroring, managed via standard storage management policies.

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