Storages Spaces Direct Solution with No-Single-Point-Failure by Design

Based on Zstor's in the field experience we have developed Windows 2016 Storage Space Direct designs, which are designed and certfied for Windows 2016 Storage Spaces Direct (S2D). With Zstor certified storage servers, we build hybrid storage solutions using the SSD/NVMe tiering and caching mechanisms and redundancy of multiple servers. You get No-Single-point-of-Failure solutions as performance setups with All-Flash-Servers or high capacity setups with Hard Disk Drives and NVMe. As hyper-converged solutions, those setups reduce your baremetal needs while delivering high performance IOPS and resiliency for enterprise solutions. They can also be combined with existing Hyper-V Clusters and are easy to integrate into your Microsoft Windows infrastructure and System Center Management.  


Flexible and scable configurations for capacity, performance, high density and budget
• Certified for Microsoft Windows 2016 Storage Spaces Direct

• No-Single-Point-of-Failure through multiple redundancy
• Latest INTEL® E5-2600v4 (Broadwell) Technology
• Multiple servers allow 2-way and 3-way mirroring as well as dual parity

• All components of the solution as servers, NIC, HDDs/SSDs, SAS HBAs and cables are pretested and certified 
In the platform integration process all components gets the latest firmware for best performance and newest functionality
• Rigorous stress and burn in tests including failover tests of all cluster components guarantees reliability in the field
• All Solutions are tuned and optimized through storage tiering and caching

Windows 2016 Storage Spaces Direct solution with All Flash Concept 

Windows Storage Spaces Direct performance

Windows 2016 Storage Spaces Direct solution for high capacity and tiered storage  

Windows Storage Spaces Direct capacity

Windows 2016 Storage Spaces Direct solution for high density  

Windows Storage Spaces Direct high density


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