Petabyte+ Storage Solution

Zstor PetaByte+ Storage Solution

An example of a PetaByte + solution of Zstor is more than two petabytes on 18 units of height. PetaByte + is a high capacitive memory solution of Zstor who takes QCT dual CPU servers and ZSTOR high-density JBODs as base. Everywhere, where huge capacity as online storage with single availability is required, the PetaByte + solutions with proven storage operating system of NexentaStor and the ZFS file system are meeting customer’s needs at a valuable price point.


  • Total capacity: 2 PetaByte (2016 TB)
  • Rack height: 18 HE (U)
  • Complete SAS 12 Gb/s interface structur
  • 252 SAS 12 Gb/s HDDs each 8 TB
  • NFSv4-, CIFS-, iSCSI-, FibreChannel protocols
  • Dual CPU Intel XEON E5-2600v3
  • Hot-swap drive carrier
  • Dual, redundante hot-swap PSUs


PetaByte 01 72


Our Zstor PetaByte+ storage solutions help to scale your storage, and to manage in a simple way these huge capacities. The ZFS file system along with the high-quality and reliable ZSTOR JBODs allows managing this amount of data from a simple graphical user interface. The unlimited size of files and unlimited number of snapshots are managed by the ZFS storage operation system. The connection is possible over most protocols, such as NFS, CIFS, iSCSI or FC. All data management capabilities like snapshots, replication and cloning are available, therefore simplifying the tasks of system administrators and save general time for administration.

The Zstor PetaByte platform here consists in the example of QCT server dual-CPU head D51x with 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2600v3 series CPU platform until 1536 GB RAM and 4 x ZSTOR AJ460 JBOD systems with multiple PCI-E 3.0 LSI 12Gb/s SAS HBAs and 252 HGST 8 TB of enterprise SAS HDDs to total capacity of 2016TB = to come 2 petabytes. As ZFS can OS NexentaStor Enterprise version includes license and support or even open source ZFS operating system variants like OpenIndiana 151 or OmniOS 151 with the freely available management interface napp-it are used.

Because the requirements of such solutions are very individual, we offer a free consultancy. The projecting of capacity, number of controllers / heads in the servers, performance requirements has a significant impact on the cost of the system. However, you will find that our solutions are well balances in performance, functionality and price compared to other solutions.

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