Zstor’s NV-Series NVMe over Fabric Systems Now Available with 100GbE Technology

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Performance Accelerated with Doubled Capacity and the Fastest Converged Network Interfaces - Showcased in Booth #1440 at ISC High Performance Conference 2016 -

Kaarst, 20th of June, 2016

Zstor, a leading provider of high performance storage solutions for compute-intensive applications, today announced its second generation of NVMe over Fabric (NVMeoF) systems. The Zstor NV-Series delivers the low latency benefits of NVMe technology to a shared storage environment and enables flash memory via high speed network connections with Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) centrally to attached servers. Now supporting the latest 100GbE technology with up to four channels, the Zstor NV-Series fits perfectly into 100GbE network environments reducing Read latency to 110 microseconds and Write latency to 30 microseconds.

Zstor Launches Ultra-low Latency NVMe over Fabric Storage Array

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New NV-Series Delivers Low 30µs of Distributed Write Latency and more than 3 Million IOPS

Kaarst, 6th of April, 2016

Zstor, a leading provider of high performance storage solutions for compute-intensive applications, today announced its new flagship storage array family based on the latest NVMe specification. The new Zstor NV-Series, developed in collaboration with Mangstor Inc., uses Ethernet or Infiniband Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) networks to deliver the low latency benefits of the NVMe standard to a shared storage environment, enabling flash memory to be deployed centrally for access by many servers. This NVMe over Fabric solution combines a high-speed, highly efficient multicore compute platform with a powerful software storage stack to significantly improve I/O performance and server storage scalability for high performance, latency-sensitive applications.

All-Flash-Array by Zstor with less than 1€ per GB

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Zstor SSD-Array offers 2 Mio. IOPS for data center environments

Kaarst, 22nd of September, 2015

Based on the use of data center class SSDs, the new 48bay SSD system Zstor AJ248F opened low-cost but high-performance All-Flash solutions for application in high available server environments within data centers. With a throughput of up to 10 GB/s and a read performance up to two million IOPS, the Flash Array meets the requirements of centralized Flash storage. These values are achieved through the use of high performance SATA SSDs, operating via LSI/Avago Databolt technology with SAS 12 GB/s performance bandwidth. The 48bay 2U rackmount system with up to 92 TB total capacity is available from now and a price of 0.93 EUR per GB of Flash memory is reached.

Powerful and High Available – The Cost-Effective Windows Flash Array with 1.4 Mio. IOPS

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Zstor released first redundant Windows Flash Array AF224 for data center

Kaarst, 21st of August, 2015

With the Windows Flash Array AF224 Zstor GmbH offers a powerful All Flash Array which is optimally suited for use in data center. Complete designed in 12 GB/s state-of-the-art SAS architecture and equipped with high-performance 10, 40 or 56 GB/s Ethernet interfaces, up to 1.4 million input/output operations (IOPS) are archived. Larger files can be read with a data transfer rate around 10 GB/s. The compact 2U rackmount system is based on two hot-swap nodes in cluster configuration, which provides a maximum on data availability to the connected hosts. The Windows Flash Array is available with up to 38.4 TeraByte gross capacity in various system configurations.

HGST Ultrastar 12Gb/s SAS SSD Family

The Right Fit For High I/O Applications

As the first SSDs with 12Gb/s SAS, HGST continues to push performance limits. The new Ultrastar SSD800MH 12Gb/s SAS SSD delivers the highest sequential throughput with up to 1,200MB/s large block reads, and up to 750MB/s writes. It also delivers up to 145,000 read and 100,000 write IOPS, reaching speeds >100 times faster than HDDs, allowing rapid access to “hot” enterprise data for improved productivity and operational efficiency.