About Huawei


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Huawei provides a broad range of high-performance servers and components for data centers and campus networks, powered by the latest multi-core Intel® Xeon® processor technology. Dynamic energy-saving features and power management reduce power consumption, making cooling more efficient and allowing higher densities and more capacity at less cost. Support for FusionSphere virtualization simplifies management for rapid provisioning and low TCO. Check out Huawei’s next-generation FusionServer V3/V4 to meet capacity and performance requirements now and in the future.


Next-generation 2-socket rack server delivers high performance, large storage capacity, scalability, and is ideal for Internet, Big Data, cloud computing, High-Performance Computing (HPC), telecom services, and mission-critical applications. Industry-leading RAID technologies and flexible storage ensure flexible resource expansion. Dynamic Energy Management Technology (DEMT), power capping, and other features cut energy consumption. Black box function and independent Baseboard Management Controller (iBMC) simplify management and maintenance.
Zstor is Huawei Integration Partner for Hosting and Cloud solutions based on Huawei Rack server.