• Zstor CIB224 CiB Cluster-in-a-box
  • Zstor AJ496e JBOD 96bay 4U 3
  • Zstor NV24P JBOF 24bay 2U
  • AJ460V2 60bay JBOD e
  • Zstor GS312 Gridserver e
  • Cumulus Networks Mellanox Spectrum
  • Zstor AJ248F 2U 48bay All Flash Array e

Software Defined Storage

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Software Defined Cloud

certified storage for windows Storage spaces!

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Management of huge data within Microsoft's server operating system Windows Server 2012 R2 are realized under using all new and powerful features of Storage Spaces. Zstor JBOD's are developed for use in Storage Spaces environments and offers the needed performance and IOPs needed by Windows Server 2012 R2. Zstor works closly to Microsoft and get the full certification for their JBODs as ideal use within Storage Spaces environments.

Key Benefits:

  • Fully certified by Microsoft for Windows Storage Spaces
  • Up to 144 TB capacity with hard disk drives (HDDs)
  • Up to 48 TB capacity with solid state drives (SSDs)
  • Up to 24 hot-swappable drive carrier per JBODAJ424 side
  • Dual redundant hot-swappable I/O modules
  • Support of 2.5"/3.5" HDDs or SSDs
  • SAS-2 interfaces up to 6 Gb/s data transfer
  • SAS expansing slots for JBOD cascading
  • Ethernet RJ45 management port (remote console)
  • Dual redundant hot-swappable 80PLUS power supplies


AJ424-6G provides flexible, reliable and efficient storage

The JBOD disk array AJ424-6G provides a simple and easy way to dramatically gros online disk capacity to meet exponetial data growth rates. It enables massive data capacity applications, at a price/performance point per Terabyte (TB) that meets any business requirements. Zstor offers low-cost, high-capacity, high-performance disk drives (HDDs) and ultra-high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) configuration options that is optimized in capacity, performance or versatility. Zstor disk are cost effective solutions meeting meeting customer's price point.

ideal in windows server cluster environment

JBODs designed, equipped and configures by Zstor fits ideal as shared storage in Windows Server 2012 R2 cluster environement. Two nodes, operating under Windows Server 2012 R2 share one or more attached JBODs from Zstor's AJ-series. Via high performing SAS interfaces with up to 12 Gb/s data transfer secures a perfect performance to the attached servers. Robust design of chassis and hot-swappable drive carrier, combined with proven SAS I/O modules grant the access to a huge number of hard disk drives and/or IOP performing solid state disks.

"Storage Spaces" realized as it‘s best

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 needs a high speed access to its storage. Due to the functionality of Storage Spaces there is a just a need for a "Bunch of Disks" (JBOD). Storage Spaces manages the attached hard disk drives as Software Defined Storage and offers storage pools, data reliability, deduplication, file sharing (NFSv4, CIFS), iSCSI targets and much more, inculde SMB 3.0 support. Zstor tested, configured and certified JBODs within Microsoft's certification process for use with Storage Spaces in Windows Server 2012. 

Cost effective and flexible use

JBOD technology itself is a proven way to serve native disk drive capacities to a server or cluster. Zstor AJ series uses latest SAS technology with up to 12 Gb/s data transfer even internally to each attached drive as well as externally to hosts. The complete design is developed with hot-swap drive carrier, power supplies and I/O modules.

Total capacity on 4u (examples):

Using Enterprise SATA or Nearline SAS HDDs:

EN rgb WS12R2 Cert Blu286 2

  • 144 TB with 24x 6 TB each SATA/SAS-HDD 6 Gb/s
  • 96 TB with 24x 4 TB each SATA/SAS-HDD 6 Gb/s
  • 48 TB with 24x 2 TB each SATA/SAS-HDD 6 Gb/s

Using Enterprise and Cloud graded SSDs:

  • 48 TB with 24x 2000 GB each SAS-SSD 6 Gb/s
  • 38,4 TB with 24x 1600 GB each SAS-SSD 6 Gb/s
  • 19,2 TB with 24x 800 GB each SAS-SSD 6 Gb/s
  • 9,6 TB with 24x 400 GB each SAS-SSD 6 Gb/s


technical specification:

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Zstor AJ424-6G


JBOD - 4U, 24bay

 No. of Drive Carrier

24x 3.5"/2.5" hot-swap

 Type of HDD / SSD
3.5"/2.5" Enterprise SATA HDD 6 Gb/s
3.5"/2.5" SAS-2 / SAS-3 HDD 6/12 Gb/s
2.5" SAS-2 / SAS-3 SSDs 6/12 Gb/s
 I/O Modules

(2) dual redundant, hot-swap

 I/O Interfaces
6x SAS-2 6 Gb/s
(SFF8088 ports)
 Expansion / Scalability


 Fan / Cooling

(6) 2+2 internally
plus 2x in PSU

 Power Supplies

dual redundant, hot-swap
240 V / 760 W

  Operating Environment

 5 - 40 degrees Celsius
50-93% humidity
 Dimension / Weight
557x445x175 mm (DxWxH)
ca. 29,5 kg w/o drives

Windows Server 2012 certified (Storage Spaces)

Compatible and designed for Windows Server 2012 R2.
Inculdes optimizations and setup guide.

For more information please send an E-Mail to Zstor's sales team:

Zstor AJ248F FLASH ARRAY 2U 48bay

Zstor AJ248F 48bay Flash Array

High available SSD JBOD in 12G SAS architecture and up to 48 dual ported SATA-SSDs (data center class)

Certified for use with Windows Storage Spaces Zstor offers a SSD-JBOD equipped with 48 SSDs summed up to 92 TB capacity. Based on data center SATA-SSDs, each up to 1.920 GB capacity, Zstor engineered a dual, redundant 12 Gb/s SAS JBOD which gives an unbeatable price / performance ratio compare to SAS-SSDs for use in high availability environments.


Zstor AJ496 JBOD 4U 96bay

Zstor AJ496 JBOD 96bay 45

4U 96bay 12 Gb/s dual-path JBOD Best in Class density

The AJ496 JBOD offers nearly up to 1.2 PB in 4U Extreme High Density and High Capacity. With 96 bays for hot-swappable 3,5"/2,5" SAS3/SATA HDD/SSDs drives it offers flexible choices for all Software-Defined-Storage systems. Tool-less modular design, hot-swappable power supplies, fans and expander modules provides easy serviceability and maintenance in the datacenter. 


DataOn 12 Gb/s JBODs

 DNS2640 sideDNS2670 side   LogoDataOnEN rgb WS12R2 Cert Blu286 2

12G - JBODs certified for Storage Spaces

DataON JBODs - Key Features

  • 2U or 4U Chassis for flexible storage expansion and scalability
  • High performance through newest 12G technology
  • 24x 2.5" or 70x 3.5" Hot-swap Top-load SAS3 drive bays
  • Flexible selection of up to 8 SAS-3 ports per I/O module
  • Hot-swappable Expanders (I/O modules)
  • Complete Modular Design
  • Cost effective storage extension

Zstor AJ460V2 JBOD 4U 60bay

Zstor AJ460V2 JBOD Certified 45

4U 60bay 12 Gb/s Fully Redundant Top-loaded JBOD

The AJ460V2 JBOD offers front control of all drives, fans and temperature. Tool-less disc carriers, hot-swapable fans and redundant power supplies enables easy serviceability. Fully certified for Windows 2012R2 and 2016 Storage Spaces and compatibility for other storage operatings based on Linux or ZFS-based systems gives this JBOD a wide range of useability.



Quanta QCT 2U 4-node server


Quanta T41S-2U 4 Node Server


QCT logo

Quanta QCT QuantaPlex 2U 4-Node Server Featuring Highest Compute Density ...

Quanta QCT QuantaPlex T41S-2U is an ultra-dense design equipped with four independent nodes. It creates the flexibility to set up different workloads independently in one 2U shared infrastructure, providing optimal data center performance per dollar.

  • 2U rackmount
  • 4 nodes
  • 1-2 Intel Xeon per node
  • 512 GB RAM per node

HGST Ultrastar 12G SAS SSD

 SSD 12G HGST Logo Orange 

New HGST Ultrastar 12Gb/s SAS SSD Family: The Right Fit For High I/O Applications ...

HGST Ultrastar SSD800MH
Key Features

  • Speeds up to 100 times faster than HDDs
  • 25 drive writes per day (DWPD) for five years
  • High performance through newest 12G technology
  • up to 750 MB/s write throughput
  • up to 145.000 IOPs (read) and
    100.000 IOPs (write)
  • 800 / 400 / 200 GB in 2.5", 15 mm

Certified for Nexenta 4.0

 QHA3560 front HA Nexenta certified logo


Q-3560 and QHA-3560 now Nexenta 4.0 certified!

Our field proven Zstor ZFS Open Storage solution is now certified for the latest NexentaStor version. Our solution is available as a single unified storage solution (Q-3560) and as a high availability solution (QHA-3560). NexentaStor provides an ideal solution for NFS and SMB fileshares in applications, desktops and archives. With inline data reduction, unlimited snapshots and clones, end-to-end data integrity and up to triple parity RAID, NexentaStor reference architectures scale up to multi-petabyte raw capacity.