Mangstor MX6300 Series


NVMe Solid-State Drives


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Direct attached server storage is provided by the MX-Series NVMe solid-state devices. The MX6300 family leverage enterprise grade MLC NAND Flash technologies and are placed in the x86 servers PCIe slots to accelerate locally hosted applications. By locating process-critical, or “hot” data close to the host’s CPU, direct attached flash storage provides extremely high performance acceleration for local applications.

Mangstor’s MX6300 Series architecture is a storage sub-system that aggregates, protects, and manages a large array of industry-standard NAND flash chips through a patent pending storage controller and firmware. The MX6300 architecture creates a reliable tier of high-capacity, low-latency memory that natively attaches to a server’s PCIe bus with the following enterprise characteristics:

Mangstor MX6300 NVMe PCI-E       


The Mangstor MX6300 Series provides up to 900,000/600,000 sustained random read/write IOPS and up to 3.5/2.4 GB/s read/write bandwidth for workloads and applications requiring the highest performance available from Flash memory devices. Mangstor MX6000 Series provides less then 90-microsecond Read and 15-microsecond Write access latency for mixed Read/Write workloads requiring the lowest latency response times for transaction processing.




Mangstor Device Management software provides a suite of management features purpose-built for PCIe flash memory infrastructures and designed around the MX6300 NVMe solid state acceleration platform. Simple Command Line Interface (CLI) enables datacenter administrators to centrally configure, monitor, manage, and tune all distributed MX6300 devices throughout the datacenter. In addition, this software offers real-time, predictive, and historical reporting of MX6300’s performance and wear level.


The MX6300 controller protects data against corruption and loss due to inherent flash memory defects, operating system or application software failures, and sub-system power interruptions.


MX6300 devices interface with the server’s operating system using industry standard in-box NVMe drivers available from commercially available operating systems, including Windows, Linux RedHat, Suse, CentOS, Ubuntu, and VMware ESXi. NVMe drivers provide native block storage access to data stored in Flash and bypassing legacy storage input/output interfaces. The MX6300 is certified and compatible with the following versions of Microsoft Windows: Windows Server 2016 x64, Windows Server 2012 R2 x64 and Windows Server 2012 x64.


Zstor is using the Mangstor NVMe Solid State Drive in our own solutions as Zstor NV Serie, but we are selling it also as component for customer solutions. For more information contact Zstor's sales team via E-Mail: