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NVMe over Fabric Flash Storage Arrays

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Mangstor is the leading developer of high performance next generation Non-Volatile Memory storage; leveraging it's Flash controller technology and software expertise in low-latency Ethernet technologies to deliver software defined storage solutions to web-scale and enterprise customers. Mangstor NVMe over Fabric Flash Storage Arrays and data management software solutions deliver shared block storage to improve server response times and expand capacity quickly and efficiently on demand.

MX6300-Series NVMe Solid-State Drives

Direct attached server storage is provided by the MX-Series NVMe solid-state devices. The MX6300 family leverage enterprise grade MLC NAND Flash technologies and are placed in the x86 servers PCIe slots to accelerate locally hosted applications. By locating process-critical, or “hot” data close to the host’s CPU, direct attached flash storage provides extremely high performance acceleration for local applications. Mangstor’s MX6300 Series architecture is a storage sub-system that aggregates, protects, and manages a large array of industry-standard NAND flash chips through a patent pending storage controller and firmware. The MX6300 architecture creates a reliable tier of high-capacity, low-latency memory that natively attaches to a server’s PCI-Express peripheral bus, or PCIe with the enterprise characteristics.
Zstor is Mangstor Integration Partner for own developed NVMe solutions as for MX cards in Europe.